Yours Truly

My name is Michael Leafe and I’m a freelance writer, editor and (very) amateur radio DJ based in Barcelona. I’m originally from Loughborough in the UK and, following my extensive travels in Latin America, I decided to relocate to Barcelona in order to continue to learn the Spanish language and, of course, for the sheer adventure of it all.

By day, I work in marketing and communications for an international business school. The rest of the time, I write about everything I find interesting in the world around me.



The MJLeafe site is designed to showcase not only the writing I do for the love of writing, but also my freelance work and my contributions to The Culture Trip – an online magazine specialising in art, food, culture and travel.

Throughout my 7 month trip across Central America I kept a written journal, detailing as much as possible about what I saw, what I learnt and how it made me feel. You’ll find this in typed form in the suitably named ‘Journal’ section of the site, while under the other self-explanatory headings you’ll be able to enjoy some of my exploits in other areas of the world of writing.


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